wadi rum hiking tours

Half Day Hiking Tour with Overnight

 From Wadi Rum Village, you and your Bedouin hiking guide will start hiking in the desert to see and visit some historical and natural places in the desert - Wadi Rum Hiking Tours. First you will go to sand dunes area where you can walk on soft sands. Then you well go to Khazali Canyou where you will walk through the Canyon and see some old Bedouin Inscription. After that you will continue to the camp where you willl spend the night and have the dinner with Bedouin tea Next after breakfast, we will drive you back to Wadi Rum village.Next Morning, it is optional to return from the camp to the village on camel. It costs 25 JD 

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 The price includes: Bedouin hiking guide, one overnight at the camp, dinner and breakfast, water and Bedouin tea and the drive back to the village next day.

 NB: This Tour starts and ends at Wadi Rum Village (330KM-200 Miles south of Amman) ; You could arrange and add the transportation part from Amman once you started your booking process. Remaining charges for both the camp and the transportation should be given in cash to the driver.  


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