Jordan advances on World Tourism Index

Jordan has advanced on the World Tourism Index and moved from the 77th place (2015) to the 75th place, according to the World Economic Forum s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index.

Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Lina Annab, on Monday, said Jordan came ahead of Tunisia (87), Lebanon (96), Kuwait (100), Algeria (118) and Yemen (136), and behind the United Arab Emirates (29), Saudi Arabia (63), Oman (66) and Egypt (74).

The progress in Jordan s ranking has been driven by the improvement of a number of key pillars and several sub-indicators, Annab said.

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She noted that among these pillars are security, stability, the advanced communication and information technology as well as many sub-indicators including the competitiveness of fuel prices, environmental legislation, quality of infrastructure of airports and the comprehensive networks of sewage and others.

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