Full day jeep tour with overnight

Full day jeep tour with overnight

Sleeping under the stars means that you will sleep out in the desert in a private camp. It will be just the guide and you. We provide mattresses, pillows, blankets, and even a tent if you don t want to sleep out in the open. Your guide will cook a Bedouin dinner over a hot wood-coal fire right before your eyes. We will provide you with enough water to brush your teeth and wash with, but there are no showers or toilets out in the middle of the desert.

We will start this tour from Wadi Rum village. During this trip you will see and visit some natural and historical places, first of all you will go to Nabatean temple. After that you will go to Lawrence s spring with a short stop. Then you continue to the map, sand dunes where you can walk up the soft sand. After that you we will take you to Anfeeshiah inscriptionLawrence houseAl Mahma where you can have anice walk. There you will have the lunch and Bedouin tea. After that you will continue to Burdah rock bridge (the biggest bridge in the desert) then to Um frouth rock rock bridge which you can climb it, it takes 10 min to be on the top. After that you will go to the little bridge where you can see very beautiful for the desert. Next phase is Khazali canyon where you can walk through the canyon for 30 min. Then we will take you to see the sunset. Finally, we take you to a safe place to spend the night, where we will prepare our bedouin dinner. After you will enjoy watching stars. Next day after breakfast we drive you back to Rum village.

The price includes: Jeep tour with a driver who speaks English, one night under stars blanket + mattress + pillow, dinner and breakfast with the tea and the drive back from the camp

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 NB: This Tour starts and ends at Wadi Rum Village (330KM-200 Miles south of Amman) ; You could arrange and add the transportation part from Amman once you started your booking process. Remaining charges for both the camp and the transportation should be given in cash to the driver.  

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